Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Today was a great ending to my day! You know, I had been a little blue and frustrated lately. I want to be the best in everything I do... well, not the best, but the top 5% in my class (and by class I mean... my "level", my "class", my "peers", etc). And I was feeling blue that I wasn't.. that I'm sucking at life... that I'm busy and don't have time to do hardly anything but work. And if I have a little bit of time, I have to sacrifice something 
for something else. I have to ride OR grocery shop OR spend time with Mike. 

But... today was a good day! Today I can see the light. I was able to get a full days work in - I lasered and acupunctured a dog, lasered and checked a mini, checked another mini, and then adjusted 4 horses. And I managed to get home with just enough daylight to ride. And man.. did I need a trail ride. I thought I needed a gallop too, but... that wasn't in the cards. Danny was feeling a bit on the lazy side. We had a nice lovely hack through the fields, chasing the sunset. We got in a lot of trotting and cantering and hills even. :) 

We saw a bunch of deer, including a big buck. We saw a hawk perched in the trees watching us. And then.... we saw a coyote!!! It was dusk, but I'm pretty sure that it is what I saw. We had just cantered down the path by the creek and crossed the bridge to go to the other side. Danny had stopped to stare at something... and I was telling him that there was nothing to be scared of and to trust me. So he did and we carried on.. and then we saw the coyote. Oops. ;) Although in my defense it was on the left and he was staring to the right. ;) 


We had a great ride. And the view was phenomenal! 

I am so blessed. And so grateful! 

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