Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lesson Aha's

Now that I'm aware of the twist in my body, it's much easier to get my blasted right leg to stay forward. Or at least somewhat. And if I think about squeezing my saddle flaps, I can almost make my toes not point out too. :) Now to just get to keeping my leg long at the same time.... ;) 

Today was a good ride. Danny was pretty soft and supple from the get go and we had some really nice work. We worked on the shallow serpentine at the trot and canter and Cindy pointed out that I was turning my head too much. She reminded me to keep my chin in line with my sternum. If my chin was past, then Dan wasn't following me. Then after my ride we talked a bit more and she reminded me that my upper body should stay straight and not collapse. I need to think of keeping my chin in line with my sternum in line with my belly button. And my shoulders should be square, not collapsing. And when I turn, my elbows should stay at my side and my hands should stay evenly apart, not crossing over his neck. Think about having a belt around my elbows keeping them at my sides.

And... when I thought about that.. I realized that i like to let my right hand go forward and soften, which makes his right shoulder be wild and reckless, and sadly somehow helps my right leg creep back. But if I think about keeping my right elbow at my side, it keeps him connected on the right.

So then we had to work on my seat and not getting out of the saddle in his canter. Ugh... That's hard. It's hard to fight the muscle memory and relax. Abs. Lots more abs! I may have to see about doing some no stirrup November work to see if that helps me out there.

So yep.. pretty cool.  It was a good ride.

Although Danny is getting grumpy about being tacked up. Not sure why. I  think I will check his adjustment tomorrow and then see if I can get Cindy out to check his saddles. He seems to be working well enough and having fun once I'm on that I am wondering if it's just him being rebellious about having to really work. (Rather than just hacking and galloping!). :)

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