Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Today was a fun day. Danny put on his big boy pants from the get go. He started out swinging and loose in his back. We worked on the usual and then we worked on the canter. Cindy said that it was time to start upping the ante. She wanted his depart to be round and for it to stay round. So we worked on it. And it was hilarious. Danny was so mad. He had his ears pinned. hee hee. Poor guy. But once he realized he had to stay round, he did. There was a moment or two of throwing his head up, but it was so much nicer than our previous ones. And then the canter... was LOVELY!! He was up and round and through. Ahhh. So nice!! I need to remember that because what I "think" is round, is not quite round enough. Ahhhh...

So yep, Hold the roundness in the outside rein for the canter depart and viola.... Amazing Canter!!!

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