Friday, November 4, 2016

Early ride

It was a super busy week, but I managed to sneak in a second ride... Friday morning. Ugh. But it was nice.

Dan has been grumpy recently when being tacked up and doesn't want to take the bit, so I wondered a little bit if he's just getting a little burned out with the increased work load. So today was HIS day. He got to pick what we did and where we went and at what pace. Within reason. ;)

It was a fun day. We started out on a nice long walk and did some power trotting. I decided that no stirrup November was not the best choice for the athletic 5 year old, especially as I don't want him to be back sore and more unhappy working. BUT... I thought that I could do two point at least. But turns out, it was actually easier than posting his massive trot today. :) 

We did some cantering too but no real galloping. :) I gave him the option, but... he was tired by the time we got to the gallop part. 

We got home and he was tired. It was nap time. :) Him and Fleck were snoozing in the sand. :) 


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