Monday, May 25, 2015

Last Day to be 3!

And oh what a day it was!! We celebrated and had a blast!!

We started with a nice long hack in the fields and woods and finished with a little bit of playing in the arena. Dan was pretty good and we had some nice upward canter transitions.

Dan behaved himself on our trail ride and we mostly took it easy, but we did some trotting. He was good. He behaved better than Arwyn. ;)
Then it was HOT, so we untacked and headed bareback to the lake.

Dnany got really into the splashing. Arwyn rolled. Dan did too but only once and he got up pretty quickly. We almost went for a swim too. He didn't but got almost deep enough.

This is where he rolled. Doh!
But it was a gloriously fun way to spend his last day as a 3 year old - being silly and goofy! Wheee!

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