Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beth lesson

I had to adjust some ponies at Wishing Tree so I took the two boys with me for lessons too. We did Fleck first and then I got on Dan. It was hot and muggy but then the wind picked up. I got on and Dan was a little rowdy but not bad at all. We worked on some transitions and Beth wanted me to keep a more continuous connection with his mouth. My elbows are mine! Not his. He can't fuss and fling and pull me around. And I had elastic supple elbows, but they were mine. So then we started to work on the canter. We got into the first canter and big huge rain droplets started coming down. We decided to keep working  but then it really starting coming down. So we got off and ran into the barn. Shortly after it quit so I hopped back on. We got warmed back up and went to work on the canter again. Then we heard thunder. And saw a lightning streak in the sky down behind the trees. I really wanted to keep going since I had already gotten off once. So we kept going. And then lightning came down just on the other side of the ring and with it came a giant boom. For a baby horse, Dan was awesome. He only leapt sideways briefly at the boom and then went back to work. But it was too close. So back into the barn we ran, this time saving Fleck too. Luckily it didn't last long and we were able to get back out there and finish our lesson. He was super good, especially considering we started and stopped three times. We got some good transitions and I was better about keeping my elbows to myself and creating a place for him to soften into. :)

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