Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beth Lesson

So... before my lesson with Beth, I ran into Joyceann and we were talking. Danny was apparently bored so he took the whip and was playing. Joyceann documented it. Hee hee. 

  Ewwww, look how slobbery the whip is!

After the antics, we got started and Beth basically said that we were going to start working on connection. It was time to grow up. So we got started and I told her that he felt like he was hanging on the right rein. She wanted to hop on and see what I meant. So she did. And he didn't give her any trouble. She said that he was fine. And NICE! But that she was riding him like an adult horse and not like he was still a baby. So...I will start riding him with a bit more expectations and a bit more of a connection. And I need to keep it steady.
So when we're tracking right, I need to hold the outside rein but give as needed. The inside rein needs to be an active connection. If he's hanging, drop him for a second but then ride the inside leg to outside rein connection and keep it active. 
When I'm tracking left, I need to again, hold the outside rein but keep an active inside rein with an active inside leg. If he twists his head, I need to be more active in my inside and outside reins. 
Then she wanted me to start holding the connection through the upwards. I can give softly and subtly as he goes into it, but I will need to start expecting more over time. As he gets stronger and more fit, he can hold himself better. She also said that while doing this, I need to not worry about the head or frame, but focus on the connection and keeping him in front of my leg. :) 

So yep... he can be quite fancy :) Now I just need to ride him like he is. :)  

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