Sunday, May 17, 2015

Naughty Boy

Oh Danimal.... Naughty Naughty boy. Actually, he was pretty darn good for MOST of the ride. But if you'll notice the max speed.... ahem....

We had quite the pleasing regular normal hack through the fields and woods. He behaved and was mostly settled. We did some trotting and cantering and cantered up the hill in the woods, but he was very rideable.

We had a good time playing in the lake afterwards too. And then we headed back to the barn and that's when it got a little bit hairy! We started out okay but as we got to the XC field part, he wanted to trot. So fine, I let him. Then he wanted to canter. Okay, we'll have a happy little canter. No problem, I'm game. Except it then turned into a gallop. Still, fair enough. I was happy he was taking the initiative and going for a gallop. So for a few strides I let him go. Then I thought better of it. He did it and didn't wait for me to ask. We were heading back to the trailer parking area. And he was getting really fast! And really long strided. So I decided to reel him in. Only he didn't want to and fought me. For about 8-15 strides I really couldn't get him back. I was thinking that we were going to go flying into the trailer parking area at full speed and that wouldn't be good. Especially since I knew Kelli was there getting ready to ride. Then I was worried that I wouldn't be able to turn him without him falling because he was going so fast! Eeeks. I did manage to get him slowed and turned and then stopped. Twit!

So then we worked in the field and Squirt learned that he could go up and down gaits and go to the left and right and in a circle and he didn't get to immediately go back to the trailers where Fleck was. It wasn't beautiful and there was certainly a drift up the hill towards the trailers, but he listened despite not wanting to. So... I win. Again! :) And we went really really fast! And that was a little scary, but... we managed to get it together. So yep... I win. :) 

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