Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our first Bridge Crossing :)

Today was date day with Mike! But... luckily, after a fun filled day, I was told I could try to sneak in a ride. Whooo hooo! Love that man! I knew it would be a tight squeeze, but we made it work. :) Got the trailer hitched and the boys loaded right up. We headed to the horse park and I threw on Flecks tack and we were off. Danny was full of himself but a good boy. We started off to the right of the rings and Danny walked over the big open pinestraw covered bridge. Yay!!
Then we did the hilly section and Danny and Fleck were frisky and alert! It was good for Danny and Fleck. Work those booties! Well, remember the bridge that Fleck freaked out about at the last trail ride? Same exact bridge just a different spot. Tonight... no big deal. Fleck just tromped on over it.. and Danny followed right on over. Didn't even spook or dance or get upset about the change under his feet. :) Yay!!
I had to laugh at him because he kept jumping ahead of us. He's going to be a very brave eventer, I think!! I hope!!
So yep... a good day. We finished up just as the sun was setting and sat on the hill for a minute, the boys grazing, me saying good night to the sun.

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