Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to learning how to be a big horse

So... poor Dan. I didn't waste any time. He was off stall rest for less than a week when I decided it was time to go for our first trail ride! We met super Doc and her cute little filly for it and they were both great!! Danny hauled great and stood at the trailer like a big boy. He got his feet picked out, wore a saddle pad, and then waited while we tacked Fleck up. We had the pleasure of going with our new spotted friend Catfish and his Mom Marie too! We braced ourselves for adventure, but all 5 horses were wonderful! Both babies behaved and while Danny was a bit pokey, he was contect to be in the lead or in the back. May was great too and not quite as pokey. I'll give Dan the benefit of the doubt though, because Fleck may or may not have been giving him the evil eye. ;)

We went through the woods, through open fields, along the road, and then came to the creek. It's not a very friendly creek crossing. Even Fleck took some convincing the first time he saw it. We managed to get both kiddos' feet wet, and Danny even drank from it, but we didn't push our luck and get them in. Then on our way back we had to pass under the bridge next to a river with some rapids. Unfortunately, right as we passed the turn, some bike riders came flying up behind us. We were in back and both Danny and Fleck bolted about 6 strides! Then they both turned, looked, snorted, and then carried on like nothing had happened. :) Good baby!! Good Fleck!
That was it... no other excitement or problems. They all loaded fine and were happy at home. :) YAY!!!

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