Thursday, February 9, 2012

Funny guy...

I love this little guy! He's such a goober!

So today... we worked on tying, getting groomed, and picking feet again. He was a good boy. And Flecky felt left out, so.. he had to hang out too!

Then we worked on leading and the FEH triangle stuff. Danny's a goon! He was pretty smart and figured out that whoa means whoa, one cluck and walk on means walk, two or more clucks and  "aaaaannnddd trot" means trot. But he kept trying to eat the lead rope. Like a dog walking himself by carrying the leash. Goofy...  And then he got a little excited and started dancing, which progressed to rearing and bolting. Then he ran around like a goof for a few minutes.. then let me catch him and back to walking and trotting in hand we went. Goofball... Oh well.

So then afterwards, I fed dinner. And... I always soak their feed in hot water to make them oatmeal. Well, Danny likes to slurp down the leftover hot water so I fill him a small bucket. He slurps it up and he's happy. Well, today... I was picking up the other buckets and Danny took a good big slurp, then proceeded to turn and come see what I was doing. Which meant that he drooled hot feed water all down on me. And.. because I was bent over, and wearing jeans that are a smidge too tight... basically he drooled it right down my butt. Nice... That'll wake you back up!!

Oh, and the other day I got this cute video of him playing with the feed bags.
So anyways... nothing exciting, but.. cute babyness :)

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