Wednesday, December 11, 2019

We can always just be DQ's......

So.. today was a weird day. It was threatening to rain most of the morning but I got lucky and got to ride. It was almost hot. It felt like the impending storm in Florida. I was comfy in a long sleeved shirt. But at the end of our ride, we started to get sprinkled on and then it got a bit chilly. I was still feeling a little bummed, but I knew better than to put on the jump saddle. Although I was tempted since the weather sort of indicated a good gallop day. 

We started off with a hack because... I was cranky. I tried a friends trick of telling Dan what was going on in my life and warning him I was cranky but that it wasn't his fault and telling him I was proud of him and that we would figure out the jumping thing. So we had fun. He wanted to explore so we power walked and did some trotting and cantering. Cindy had reflocked my dressage saddle and it felt good so yay. I also put my new lemeiux half pad on, which was pretty! After we hacked a good bit I was itching to do some dressage and we debating doing it in the XC field but Sandy was there and I felt like I get better work, especially when I'm working on lateral work and counter canters, in the arena so we headed to the arena. And Dan was super! We got our counter canter back except for one time in the very beginning and then we even did some nice walk to canter to 10 meter canter circle to walk to other lead canter to 10 meter circle to walk to other canter... on centerline. We practiced keeping our shoulder ins and haunches ins more correct and less "dramatic" on my part and got some decent work. I got some lovely trot mediums and decent leg yields. So then we went for another hack and did some hills. At the end the storm was blowing in... and it... was just peaceful! I don't know why, but brewing storms seem to soothe my soul sometimes. Kind of like gallops. ;) Ha ha! Seems contrary but... it does. 

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