Sunday, July 14, 2019


I got up early this morning to sneak in a ride so that Mike and I could go to the lake in the afternoon. It was hot and humid but not quite as miserable as it could be. 

I ended up putting up some more jumps and set up a grid from my Jimmy Wofford book. It was just a basic grid because.... I only have so many poles and so many jump cups. So... I warmed him up. And sigh... I gave him bute, but it maybe hadn't kicked in yet... that's what I'm hoping. I feel like he felt worse. Like more head bobbing, but maybe better behind, just more obvious head bob. Sigh.... So I did a little bit more and then called Mike out to come video for me. It's hard to tell on the video because the ground is so bad. I definitely see it in spots. So... argh!! I'm so frustrated!! And then.. because I'm frustrated and a terrible mom... since Mike was there and could video... and I wanted to see my jumping position on video again... and because I wanted to play on the grid that I had just put up... I popped him over the vertical twice and then had Mike video us through my grid. We did it twice. He jumped great and moved forward to it, but there is still a right drift. I just did it twice and then we quit. 

BUT.... I have to say... for only going through it twice and him being a smidge behind my leg over the first jump... I'm quite pleased with our form! His and mine. :) So yay for that!!!

Now to just hope that he feels good enough to do Stableview this coming weekend and then we'll do Chatt Hills as a "Golden Oldie" two weekends after and then Windridge. Again... assuming everything falls into place!

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