Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Dressage Zen

Still no truck... which means no trailer.... which means riding at home. Sigh... BUT... I decided to ride dressage today and we attempted to hit the "arena" behind the old barn. I was a little afraid that the bugs would be awful, so I put his fly mask on for the ride. But honestly it wasn't too bad. We had a fairly decent ride. It started out okay and got better. There was a few funky steps, but once he warmed up, he seemed more like his usual degree of "lameness" rather than the head bobbing feel I was getting the last ride. So.. yay for that! 

And.. I'm so grateful to God. It's hard to not get stressed and upset about how I want my truck, I want to be showing and doing and progressing... and upset about Dan's lameness issues and why I can't solve them... etc, etc, etc... Whether I should show or not... I was thinking about it and how I just need someone to tell me what to do. And it dawned on me that someone... should be God. Not a trainer, not a friend, not even the husband. So.. I prayed on it. And I'll be honest.. I prayed that God would give me an answer.. but not by making my horse more lame, or my truck not ready, or something drastic. I admitted that I was stubborn and "hard of hearing" and I know it often took something dramatic, but.. to please just let me know. And.. you know.... we kept riding.. and Dan felt better and started to have fun with it. We got some nice mediums across the shorter diagonal. We had some good walk to canter transitions.. We got the lead every time. And... I felt at peace. I honestly felt like... "Okay... we're gonna be fine if we go to Stableview this weekend"... AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Thank you God...Thank you! 

So... we finished up our ride with a short hack. Which Dan cut shorter by cutting off his corners to get back to Fleck, who was neighing sadly and pathetically for us while locked in his stall. hee hee. Poor Flecky. 

And it was hot!! So... this was the only photos we got. :) 

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