Sunday, July 7, 2019

Hitchhiking again

I have awesome friends. :) I've been at the beach for a week, enjoying the sun and the sand and the waves. But most of all, I've been enjoying putting reality of hold for a week. I did actually manage to get caught up on my paperwork too!!! It's liberating!! Of course I came home and it was back to reality. Sigh.... we had a terrible storm the night before we came home, so we came home to a driveway that is half washed away with a giant crevice down the middle, a flooded garage, and a partially flooded basement. And then I walked into the barn and found that Dan had managed to get in and destroyed my bemer blanket!! Like ripped it in two, pulled out some wires and made the on/off button fall back into the blanket. Really??? Ugh.... So Mike got on the tractor and worked on the driveway and I worked on the basement and the garage. And my truck is still in the shop and it's an extra $800 because they want to replace the radiator. And my trailer is in the shop too getting it's maintenance. So.... yeah. I wasn't in the mood to ride at home today. So last night I sent Liz a text saying "***IF**** you were wanting to ride at Ashland and don't mind picking me up again, I would LOVE to join you for a ride. But fair warning, Dan might be feral, it's a heat index of 100 degrees, and my driveway is half washed away". And she's so awesome, she said "Yes please!" and came and got me. 

And I soooooo needed that!! We had so much fun. It was so good to catch up with Liz and get to ride and play. We met on the road so she didn't have to deal with the driveway. She brought Party and wanted to ride through her test, so we played for just a little bit and then I video'ed her tests for her. Party looks great!! Then she video-ed us while we played just a little. I didn't get much warm up, so it wasn't out best work, but it wasn't too bad. She made me feel better because she basically said that he doesn't look like a 2nd level horse, but he looks like an upper level event horse. So.... basically... he's doing the best he can for what we're doing and that until we get the submission for a dressage horse, the submission that I DO NOT want in XC, he probably won't look like the classic dressage horse. Which... made me feel better. It took some pressure off I guess.... Because she's right. I do want an event horse, not a dressage horse. (Well, I think I do.. at some point I want my bronze, but I'd also like that prelim 3 day too!). And I wasn't thrilled with our ride today but given how little prep we did, I was actually quite pleased. It was fun too. He felt pretty fancy in our trot mediums down centerline. Although I swear I'm not sitting that far back, but obviously I am. I need to get straighter!!

Then we went for a nice walk hack and chatted. Then she and Party ate grass while Dan and I did 3 little gallop sets in the Halfshire field. :) Wheee!! He's really quite ridable in his nathe. I might want to reconsider that for jumping. Then we did some more hacking, and then we headed home as a storm popped up!

Ahhhhh... I needed that! Now... to hope that my truck is ready asap and I can hopefully go get it and my trailer Tuesday, which means I won't have time to ride Tuesday morning, but.... ) or at least by Thursday! Then we have our vet appointment, which will enable me to make a better decision about what is left of the summer. 

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