Sunday, July 14, 2019


So.... I didn't get my truck back so I couldn't enter Silverthorn this weekend. Of course, after I volunteered to scribe and realized I was supposed to be there at 7 am, I realized I could have asked Peri to borrow her truck and trailer. But... at that point it was so already past 8 pm and... I would have had to go get it and leave at 6 am the next morning and... it just wasn't worth it.

So I got up and volunteered and had fun. Kelly was the judge! It's always fun. Then after the lunch break I jumped judged the two novice XC riders at 3 fences. Then I hung out a bit before heading home. At that point I had a migraine and was exhausted and the storm had hit, so it was extra muggy. So I came home and since it was wet out.. I just didn't have the motivation to ride. Especially at home. So I took a short nap with Mike and then... it was actually quite pleasant out with the storm rolling in, but.... we ended up going to dinner instead. And by the time we got back, the rain was starting. So.. no riding for me. 

But I got these cute photos from the other day. :)

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