Saturday, November 10, 2018

Two Point Tuesday (I mean Saturday) and Planksgiving

Today was another soggy day. And COLD!!! Deliciously cold!! It rained ALL day yesterday again and some of the night. Today was dry but super cold. The high was only 52! I did a bunch of errands and tried to postpone my ride some in case Kelli could make it, but alas, she couldn't. So... off we went. Unfortunately the arenas were closed because of all the rain, so... we hit the trails. We did some trotting and a little bit of cantering and lots of walking. It wasn't too sloppy out there but probably way too wet to jump in the XC field. 

It was a good ride though. Danny was pretty super. We saw a ton of deer too! And.. I didn't do No Stirrups November, but... I figured I would do a lot of two point work and then I started my planks again this evening. :) 

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