Thursday, November 15, 2018


Well I timed that about perfect today! I slept in a little this morning, partly because I woke up with a migraine. Then I got the ponies fed and did some laundry and dishes and invoices. Then I went to the chiropractor for me. Man I needed it!! It took forever, but it was okay because it was because some older gentleman had to have an ambulance called for him. I think he was okay... it was okay that it took awhile. I still had time to run to the bank and Publix, unload groceries and eat lunch. Then I went to go ride. I was a little worried because it was drizzling a tiny bit when I left the chiropractor. And it was cloudy and some of those clouds were very dark when I got to Ashland. The arena's were closed and it was wet! But the trails were open and I was able to park in the driveway since there was no one else out there. 

Danny was soooo ready to go too. He literally trotted up to me in the pasture like "I'm BORED.... play with me PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE". :) I was actually a little worried we might have Danomite but he cooperated in the slick footing. :) We went for a nice long brisk walk hack... and then.. the sun came out!! Very briefly... for about 6 minutes maybe. :) But it was nice. Then it went back behind the clouds and it got a smidge chillier again. We did some dressage in the field. It was a little slushy but we made it work. We found the drier spots and avoided going through the same spots to avoid tearing up the field. Dan was a bit forward which was nice, but he was also a bit bracey. Or though I'm sure it was me being bracey. But we got some good work. We even played with some of the stuff we worked on in my lesson. We still struggle with the left lead canter from the walk but it got better. And I felt like I could isolate my hips and get haunches in or out in the canter, both ways. :) We even did a little bit of counter canter serpentines in the field.

It was fun. And it was good to get out. And honestly... I had fleecey breeches, fleece lined shirt, winter boots, winter gloves, my heat reflective vest over a thin polarfleece and my thin head cover. And I got hot! I actually took my wind breaker jacket off. Of course once I quit doing dressage and we started walking to cool off I got quite chilly quickly. But totally worth it!

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