Saturday, November 17, 2018

Quick Ride

Danny and I had a fun quick ride this morning! Today was Mike's Saturday but I got to sneak in a ride this morning. Ashland was having their CT show so I couldn't use the arena's but the trails were open. I ended up doing a little bit of dressage in the XC field and then we went for a very short hack. But Danny was pretty super. We started out a bit tight and upright and hanging on each other, but we finished with some pretty nice dressage work. The biggest take away was that I need to push him into the outside rein, almost by thinking of leg yielding him out. And really bending him around my inside leg. :) Duh.... But for reals.. one of these days I'll just do that instinctively.

We practiced some fun stuff. He felt much more responsive to my seat aids today. Or maybe I figured out how to use them better, but we got better haunches in and outs. And we also worked on our canter serpentines. On the hills!! And he held them. We also did some walk to canter to walks. The left lead is still hard, especially from the walk but we managed to figure it out. It's not pretty and round and through yet, but at least we're picking it up. We got some nice downwards too and got a fairly nice left lead to walk to right lead. :)

So yep... fun day! Tomorrow hopefully I'll get to bathe the funk off of him and then we'll have a XC lesson. Then dressage with Cindy Tuesday and then.... hopefully a ride Thanksgiving morning and then we leave for Pine Top! So... hope that one jump lesson with Beth lasts. :)

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