Friday, November 9, 2018

Soggy Riding

Well... the weather was icky yesterday. It rained all day. So... our lesson got cancelled because the arena was too sloppy. So Danny and I went to Ashland for a nice trail ride and then did a little arena work. The trails were gorgeous! The leaves are changing and it's so pretty, despite the soggy weather. 

After the trails we did a little bit of arena work. Actually, a lot of arena work. We had some pretty nice leg yields and some pretty nice shoulder in and haunches in. Our canter was still a struggle. I don't know what I'm doing or not doing but the left lead is still tough. We got it but it took a little bit of attempting. We did some of the 3 loop serpentines and they're not too shabby, although the right lead can't quite make it to the rail without him swapping or getting very inverted. We also played with the three loop with simple changes. Those need more work. But... we've got a long time until the Feb dressage show. :) We also ran through the novice test before Pine Top and that was lovely. :) 

Good day! 

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