Sunday, June 18, 2017


Ha ha.. This series cracks me up. Dan's like "Um Indi... you shrunk"... then looks at Marty like "uh.. I don't know what to do!".

We had a blast today!! It was so nice to have a whole day to just go and play and not rush home. And the weather was almost perfect!! It was hot, but there was a decent breeze and it wasn't too humid and the sky was sooooo pretty! We ended up doing some fitness work to start off our day. I worked him in the XC field and we did some hill work with our intervals. We were going to start off with 3 three minute trot sets, but... 2.5 minutes in, he was so game and kept trying to canter that I made him do two 5 minute trot sets instead.
Then we did some cantering. I did two 3 minute canters. The first one we started very polite but when he hit the bottom of the field he kicked it into high gear and went for a gallop!! There was other riders in the field but they seemed to not mind, so I let him blast up the hill. Then we came back to a regular canter for the slight downhill section and he blasted off again in the flat area and back up the hill. This scenario repeated itself 3 times. Doh! After we rested we did our second canter set and he was much more polite this time. There was no true galloping. :) 

After our fitness work Kelli joined us and we went for a long hack. The day was just so pretty we didn't want to end our ride. But we had to. We did finish up with a bareback splash party though. :)

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