Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jumping lesson

This muppet didn't want to be easy today. Or maybe he was too easy?? We had a jump lesson with Beth and it hot and humid and muggy and threatening to rain. And then it did rain a little bit. So Danny was not really wanting to be forward today. Although he wasn't terrible... he went.. he just wasn't GOING. So I had to work hard. But it was okay. I needed to learn how to ride THIS Dan as opposed to the easier to ride Dan. :) 

We worked on courses and getting Dan to get deep to the base so he has to use himself. In the beginning he was just sort of fluffing around.... behind my leg, not on the bit, loping casually. It was pleasant but not conducive to nice jumping. So I tried to jazz him up some and then I wasn't being effective with my half halts. I think that the biggest problem was me... I wasn't really pushing him into the bridle and riding him on the bit. It got better though and I got better about packaging him. We got some good courses at the end. I had to remember to not hold him over the fences too though. If I thought of pushing him away from my body (with my hands) then I allowed him to use his neck and bascule better. 

So yep... not our best lesson in the sense that it was all fantastic and wonderful, but a good lesson in the sense that we accomplished some stuff. :) 

And overall, he's a good kid. It's more me that creates the problems... I just don't always ask. Or insist. But once I do, he's good. :) 


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