Saturday, June 10, 2017

Foiled lessons and shenanigans

Danny got Sunday off in addition to Saturday because it rained all day. Then I worked all day Monday. Tuesday we had our lesson with Cindy, but... we really only lessoned about 15 minutes because of timing. I rode longer, but it was crowded, so we didn't accomplish too much. Then Dan got shod Wednesday. It was such a beautiful day, I couldn't help but ride. Luckily I finished early enough and Mike was at the lake. :) Granted I had worked 11 hours and we didn't get dinner until 9:45 pm. But it was worth it. We just had a nice hack.

Post Photos!!!!

Then Thursday morning I was supposed to have my lesson with Kelly. But... Dan was lame. :( Ugh... Like head bobbing. It wasn't consistent but it was persistant and pervasive enough that  we just gave up. 

stressful day? Hot nail? 

Farrier came at 10 pm.

Test ride Friday morning... almost got dumped 3 times...  Post photos...

Then horse show :)

Chatt Schooling Show.

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