Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Aha's

Lesson day.

We got a LOVELY soft canter. He was round and carrying himself and his back was up. But it was hard and he kept breaking. I must keep my leg on more.

Cindy also gave me a good indicator. She said that anytime he fell to the right with his withers and leaned it, it threw his forelegs to the rail. And I felt it because my heel starting digging into him but it was back behind the girth doing it. Which was just aggravating the situation. She said when my brain felt that... to look down and see that my leg was wrong. Then pick my inside shoulder up, put my leg in front of the girth (or at least at the girth) and then I could dig my heel in if I wanted to tell him GET OFF MY INSIDE LEG! Instead of completely collapsing and making it worse with my body... I need to sit up, lift the inside and front (ie... my seat, my hip, and my shoulder and core) and bring my right leg forward and up (Not up as in lifting my heel and knee. I still need to be careful about keeping my leg long) and ride those front feet back underneath his chest. :)

Good ride today. We also worked on straightness in the walk to trot to walk to halt to trot. It was getting there but boy do I have to think. Also we had some good lateral moves at the leg yield one way again too :)

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