Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sprinklers are Scary

And I jinxed myself. :)

Rode Sat for a bit doing hills and the field work (or really ended up talking to friends then keeping Dan contained while another person galloped). Then we headed to the arena and Peri joined us so I did some jumping. He was awesome. Then we went for a hack.

We were talking about how he's not spooky and was being so good, even being behind LE. He really was... quiet, flat footed, on the buckle. No shenanigans.

Then we saw the sprinklers and the hay trucks. He went up on his tippy toes... but no biggy... we can do this. So we carried on out of view again. But then when we got a bit closer, he started dancing. He was still flat footed and really on the buckle but much much more animated! A very springy walk!

Then we hit the halfshire field and he saw them again and then we started jigging. And we jigged pretty much the entire way home. Man... Peri is right. That is exhausting. He kept it together but barely. And for awhile it felt like one more thing would really blow his top. Luckily we survived. But yep. I jinxed myself bragging on him. ;) Although I suppose I could still brag on him. He's 5. They were scary sprinklers! :)

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