Monday, August 8, 2016

More Fancyness... Man I LOVE this horse and I LOVE this saddle!

Today was a fairly quick ride. But since I was hoping to jump this weekend, I decided to do some dressage. In my lesson on Tuesday we were having some issues with him hanging on the right rein and not wanting to go into it. I know it was because I wasn't keeping a consistent connection, so.. I wanted to try and fix it. 
So we rode in the arena. It wasn't great in the beginning but it got nice towards the end. We have some really nice trot work and his more balanced collected canter is getting easier. The counter canter was a bit hard to the right, but he got it pretty well after a few attempts. Well, he got it when it was shallow and loopy, but once I tightened it up, we had some swapping. But we did manage to keep it twice even tightened up. :) Yay! The left lead serpentine was quite nice. And we finished with some really decent leg yields from centerline to the rail. He even went into both outside reins :) YAY! I even got a nice shoulder in for half the long side too. :)

It was such a pretty day that we went for a quick hack after too. He was weird on the hack though. He kept trying to spin and go back towards home and then on the way back home he wanted to get into the woods and kept creeping on the edge of the trail. Oh well. Who knows?!! He behaved. 


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