Friday, August 26, 2016

Well Hot Damn!

Hee hee.... I got home with just enough time to sneak in a quick ride. I figured that I would spend all of Thursday studying even though I'd have more time to ride after the dentist, but... this way I could get in a ride and spend all day studying Thursday. (Ha.. that didn't work quite how I wanted but I did study and not ride Thursday). 

So... I tossed him on the trailer and headed to Ashland. Kelli was working in the arena already and it sounded like Arwyn may be better without the distractions so we tried to sneak to the field. Plus I just really wasn't in the mood for a straight up dressage ride. I figured Dan wasn't either. I was right. ;) 

We started doing a little bit of field work but he was just not relaxing. He wasn't bad or naughty just up in his head carriage and wouldn't soften and use his back. We managed about 10 minutes of work and then we did a little canter.... and he begged. Oh how he begged. So I said you know what?!?! Why not?! Kelli had just texted me asking where we went so I figured I had to be quick. So I got him straightened out and let him bust into the gallop! He was soooo ready! He'd been itching since we got there so he was ready and off he went. It was intense!!! We started at the bottom on the flat area, took off across the bottom by the lake and then galloped full tilt up the hill. It took me from the top of the hill to the blue swing to get him stopped. So we gathered ourselves, made sure Kelli hadn't come out yet, and had another rip! It was rip roaring fun!!! I swear it felt faster than the 33 mph we clocked ourselves. It was so fast and fun that when I got him pulled up I just let out a "Hot Damn!" without even thinking. Hee hee...

So then we probably could have/would have taken a third spin but Kelli showed up while we were walking past the path to the trailers so we decided that was enough. Luckily it satisfied both of our souls so we were able to go on a polite trail ride. We finished up fairly quickly as it was getting dark so I hopped in the arena for a minute for a quick little trot and canter. 

So ahh...... We both needed that. :) 

Now to just find time to go out to the track and really let him rip! :)

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