Monday, August 8, 2016

Pool Party

Today was a fun day! I finally got to meet up with Missy and Indi for some splash time. :) We wanted to go bareback so I decided I should probably ride first and get any antics out before we went bareback. Plus, Indi is a year younger and I didn't know if Dan would get him excited too.

So I got on and headed out to the XC field for some hill work. We walked for 10 minutes and then trotted for 6 minutes. He wasn't really even winded. Then I realized I only had about 20 minutes to get some energy burned off, untack him and get back to the lake! Eeeks. So... we jumped a few jumps. And he was naughty!! Or.... I didn't get the right canter. We kept either hitting them at a hugely long distance and he would almost bolt to it or we would hit them at the chip and puke. Ugh. I managed to get a few good fences in here and there but we kept vascillating back and forth with the pukes and the launches. Finally we finished with 3 good decent ones in a row. So we headed back. Poor Dan. He was puffing!!! He was happy to go and run and play and jump but it was so hot and humid.

So then he was dripping sweat and I got back on bareback. Eewww! But I didn't want to have another saddle soaking. Of course he didn't swim at the pool party but he did splash around a good bit. Him and Indi had a blast with each other. They were such little boys. They were showing off, splashing, playing "Bitey face" and kept trying to get into each others personal space. It was fun.

Danny was fairly polite the whole time. There was only one squeal and bounce up and down brief moment on the way back. :)

Fun day!

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