Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Larking Fun

Today was a fun day. I managed to get out to Ashland around 5 pm and now that the time has changed, we had plenty of time to ride. We went for a hack first and Danny was super polite. There were no shenanigans. We even let Kelli get in front and trotted and cantered. Of course, once we did that Danny had a few moments of porpoising and cavorting. But it was all in good fun. :)
Then we headed up to the cross country field and played around. I wasn't going to do too much, but once I started, I was having too much fun. :) I trotted him straight to the drop into the water and he slowed to a walk but didn't stop and went right in. Then I turned around and came back and he trotted straight in. So then we did the other drop and he trotted straight in on that side so I continued around and let him canter the log two strides from the drop, planning to come back to the trot and let him trot down. Well... he had other ideas. He cantered in so nicely and over the log and then he just kept the canter and very smartly settled his feet and cantered right on down the bank and out over the log. :) SMART BABY! 

So then we hopped over a few more fences, including both hanging logs. He jumped them great. I got a little bit ambitious and thought about taking him over the little trakehner. In retrospect, I shouldn't have tried. And I almost didn't, but Kelli was there and she egged me on a little. In her defense, she forgot I had ditch issues. So I let him look at it and sniff it and he was a little bit more looky than usual. So we came up to it at a trot and I sort of chickened out so he stopped. Well, then I couldn't get him over it. I tried a few tries. And he kept running out. So... oh well. I hope I didn't create a big thing. I'm hoping that if I lunge him over it a time or two, he'll be fine and then we can come again. I really shouldn't have attempted it yet. Argh. Oh well. 

I finished with a small little course and he happily did those, so... Fair enough. :) 

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