Thursday, March 31, 2016


So... I've been super blue lately... Fleck is still lame and not improving. Danny was on and off lame and now I'm worried it's not an abscess. Roany's not eating well. I've been so busy working and don't get to see Mike. I don't have time to ride, and even if I did... no pony. And life was just getting me down. 

My lesson was supposed to be this morning but I cancelled and then it was supposed to storm. I thought about riding anyways, but ended up moving my appointments around to avoid the rain mostly. And it worked. But.. it also meant that the stars aligned. I think God took pity on me. I finished my appointments and the rain stopped and the skies cleared. It was beautiful out. So I loaded Dan up and off we went. 

AHHHHHHH.... I so so so needed that. Thank you God! I'm feeling much more like my normal self again. We had a blast!!

I put on the dressage saddle and we had a nice flat session. He was really quite nice. I worked on keeping a better connection and he was pretty forward and happy. :) So then we went for a quick hack to enjoy the gorgeousness of the day. We had a nice little canter to the lake and played for a minute in the lake. :)
Happy Canter 
It was unreal how pretty it was today!! Seriously!

So then we headed back up to the field and Danny had lots of snacks. :) I decided to trot down the bank and felt the shenanigans welling up. So I walked him down the bank. And then he landed in a canter, put his head down and bolted up the hill. Hee hee.. Keep in mind, I'm in my dressage saddle with long stirrups, I had slipped the reins, and... just giggling up a storm! hee hee. I couldn't even get mad. It did take me to the top of the hill to get him stopped. So then we tried a polite trot and canter again and... of course, while it started polite, we ended up going for another gallop. Wheeeee!!! It's bad because I want to be as naughty as he does. So then we finally did trot nicely up the hill and then we had a nice little trot at the top of the hill and then we headed back home. It was so hard to go in. It was so pretty out and Danny felt great. It was hard not to go for another few laps. But... duty calls.
Then he was a goof back at the trailer. Man... I love the Danimal and his shenanigans. :) 

Thanks to God for blessing me with such a beautiful day, such a beautiful punky soul, and giving me back my optimism and hope. :) 

Goofy Boy... nom nom nom 


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