Friday, March 11, 2016

Boring and Exhilirating!

I have an amazing baby horse!!! Who is growing up. Too fast! But it's awesome. 

We had a lesson today with Kelly teaching us. We rode with Julie and Karen and their youngsters. And it was so much fun. And so boring. ;) Danny was good. Like... NO antics good! Nothing. Not so much as a little crow hop even. No bolting or bucking.... Hee hee. We were all actually a little disappointed. :) 

BUT... he made up for it with his amazingness. :) We started off going over the log to the next log and coming back around to the third log. Boring. He was so rhythmic and quiet and nice. So then Kelly sent me over the log, then the baby coop, then she had me loop back and head down the road towards the lake over the cabin and then the roll top. Eeeks!! It was beginner novice or novice maybe... but still! He was perfect! And Julie's husband and son were even walking on the road and he sort of shied sideways for a few steps at them but then I was able to pull him back on the line and he jumped the roll top quite nicely. And then we continued on and trotted down the second bank. Kelly laughed and said I had cheated. She wanted me to jump the middle cabin and then jump the log stack to the bank. So we did. And he was perfect again! *I* however, have to work on keeping my upper body back and my legs forward on landing, reaching with my arms too. 

So then we moved on to the ditches. She had us trot over the medium ditch, then canter the large ditch to the hanging log and then canter up the hanging log on the hill and then... canter around to the ramp jump. UM.... EXCUSE ME!?! Hee hee. Karen and Julie were teasing me. Seriously?! Yep... she was serious. So... he did the ditches, half coffin and uphill jump just fine and then we headed to the ski ramp. Which, for the record, I dislike with Fleck. I can't find my distance very well and they intimidate me. I know that one is small and it's fine, but.. it's still a little intimidating. So the first attempt ended in a run by. Mostly because I can't steer. I cut my corner way too tight and let the hill pull him down to the right, pulling his right shoulder out. He didn't stand a chance really. So we circled and I gave him a much straighter approach and he soared right over! In fact, he over jumped it by a good 2 feet at least! Wheee!! So we came again and he jumped it super politely and super scopily and well. :) It was awesome!!! Karen and Julie and Kelly were ooohing and aaahing over him. I so wish I had video but... it was AWESOME!! It felt great too.

So then we moved to the water and Danny and I cantered in and out over the little log. Then we cantered into the water, up and out of the small bank and over the roll top two strides out. Our first attempt on the out didn't go great. I (again) cut my corner and didn't get him straight and he shot right and missed the up bank. So on second approach, with proper steering and a more kind approach, he jumped right up the bank and over the roll top. :) :)

We quit with that. What an awesome boy!!! He really is getting super fun. 
I'm such a proud mommy!

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