Friday, March 11, 2016

Growing up is hard

Today we had to leave Fleck behind as he was still very lame from his abscess even after Wayne busted it open. (I'm not going to lie.. it was so hard leaving him behind... even for the day. Sigh).  So Danny and I headed out. We had a good lesson. We rode in the fusion, which, I didn't particularly like in some ways. It really opened up my hip angle though which was awesome. I could feel the burn but Cindy was thrilled! I liked my leg and hips in it, but unfortunately I couldn't get my seat in the canter. It kept throwing me up out of it. So after getting my hips open, Cindy had me throw her saddle on him. She said the perfection has a more generous seat (and sure enough, I felt like I do when I hollow out a hole in the sand for my butt... it was comfy and didn't pitch me forward) and hers was custom with the more straight up and down flap. She said the last time I rode in it my hips wouldn't open as well and I was climbing up the thigh block but she wanted me to try it again now that I had opened them up in the fusion. So I did. And Danny and I both loved it!! He was much free-er in the back and his lumbars. And she loved my leg and seat in it. 

So... I guess he gets a new perfection with the medium tree, the extra wide gullet, the shoulder gussets and the straight flap. :) Now to decide whether to do black with brown trim, brown with black trim, or just solid brown. Or solid black. Sigh... Although Cindy Adcock wants us to try him a medium wide before we decide, just in case. 

So then poor Dan had to sit in the trailer while I adjusted two ponies, then I turned him out for an hour and a half while I adjusted two more ponies. Then Cindy showed up and we tried both saddles on him to see how they fit. He was MAD as a hornet!! He was so ready to go home and wanted to be done!!!! Poor guy... we loaded up and went home but he had to sit for another hour at Serenity Creek while I lasered 6 horses. He was so mad he tore down his haynet. But he was pretty quiet. 

He was glad to be home!!

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