Saturday, March 5, 2016

And more speed

Today was a fun day. I was supposed to be showing Fleck at Sporting Days but... that didn't pan out. I could have taken Dan and run HC instead, but.... I don't know. I wasn't feeling it. So... I had a fun day at Ashland with the two of them.

Kelli joined me for my ride with Dan. Cindy had come by earlier and had to steal back the Conquest for a few days but left me a fusion to try. So I had to ride Dan in the dressage saddle, but that was fine. We went for a long hack and Danny was a little bit animated. So... when we hit the Halfshire field, I let him do a little work to get some energy out. We trotted and cantered around for about 5 minutes. Then Kelli decided to let Arwyn canter up the hill. Dan was actually really good about it and stayed calm and steady for a bit. :) Then he tried to swap leads and follow her. I kept him under control, changed the lead back and finished our circle pretty politely. But then when we came back around I figured I would let him have fun and gallop up the hill towards Arwyn. 

So I did. And boy did he go! He went all out and blew up the hill in no time! Kelli's eye's got rather big as we came blasting up to her. I managed to steer clear and avoid her and get him stopped. And.... the gps clocked us at 30.58 mph!! Holy smokes!

However, right after that we carried on and he was super polite the whole rest of the ride. We walked pretty much the rest of the ride and he was very flat footed and calm. Then we even trotted down the lane and up the hill. Granted it was the hill next to the one I've been letting him gallop up but still... I was quite pleased he was so polite. Maybe I wore him out. :) 

It was a good ride. 

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