Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baby XC course

So today was a hack day to counteract all our flat work. It was a beautiful day. We headed out to the cross country field and did a little bit of hill work. Then we walked into the water complex and worked on the in and out over the bank into the water. He did pretty good going down in the water. 
So... since he was so good, and I'm excited about possibly doing the FEH show in August, I decided to just do a teeny little tiny XC course. :) We started off trotting over the ditch and then trotted into and through the water. Then we trotted over a little log and then trotted up the bank. After the bank I let him canter and then we cantered over the little log. Wheee!!! He was a superstar. :) There was no bucking or taking off and being silly. He was great! So then we went on the rest of our trail ride and went to the lake to play.

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