Monday, April 13, 2015

Tender Tootsie Lesson and Fergy Visit

So... since Dan decided to pull off his shoes, he got some time off. But I still wanted to try to do my lesson. I figured the footing was so good, he would be fine. And he was sound trotting and cantering around at home. Well... he wasn't sound. He was sore. I don't know why, as their footing is sooooo good. But oh well. We went ahead and rode anyways, but just did most of our work at the walk with a teeny bit of trotting. We worked on turn on the forehand, which is hard!! Cindy put the stool in the arena and had me put his shoulder up near it and turn around it. Surprisingly going to the right was harder. He doesn't want to step out with that inside right hind. It was helpful though because Cindy had to ride on the rail similar to what I was doing riding the turn on the forehand. Aha!!

So then we had Mom and the fergies over to visit. Dan was very curious and he sniffed them all and they all petted him. They wanted to ride him too but I told them no! Ha!! That's probably not a good idea yet. :) 

So hopefully Wayne and I can meet up and get his shoes back on soon. He's on vacation this week but should be able to get to him soon. 

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