Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

Today was a GREAT day! Despite the fact that both horses were punks. Yep, you read that right. BOTH horses!!! :) 
I signed up to be a vendor at the Paso Fino Festival but it was such a pretty day... and the paso festival was mostly clinics on Saturday so the riders were all busy... so I skipped out early and decided to ride both boys. 
I rode Fleck first and Dan was fine and just chilled on the trailer without a peep the whole time. Then it was Dan's turn and off we went. I thought he might be sore still, but I guess he's feeling better because he was all for trotting and cantering. Every time we were cantering and hit a fork in the path, he would throw a shoulder and try to make a run for the other path. Turkey! I managed to keep him from veering off each time but it usually involved stopping him and having to turn him back. We headed to the lake to let him play, but he just took a quick sip and wanted to head back. I was planning to go down the trail in the woods so he wouldn't be so tempted to graze. (I was STARVING and wanted dinner sooner rather than later). As we started down I saw Jane and her dog. Dan did too. So we kept going. Then he saw them through the trees and apparently they were scary now. So we chatted briefly and he calmed down and we carried on. I decided to let him have another trot. And he decided he wanted another canter. Fine... it's fun. :) Well, as we were hitting the part where it was about to fork into the XC field I could feel him start to quicken. And then, a squirrel or something bigger crashed in the woods behind him. He used it as an excuse and bolted! I knew it was coming so I hung with him and of course he took the fork to the field. We bolted a good bit and twice I thought I might be wiggled off. I managed to get him back before we were about even with the gate to the trailer parking. Turdball! So I made him walk, then trot past the gate, the canter properly! And he was fine. 

I'm really glad he found his other gear though. He was super forward today! :) :) :)

So yep... turkeys for horses but I couldn't stop smiling.

 But MOOOOMMMMMMM, the grass is so delicious... nom nom, let me nom nom

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