Monday, July 7, 2014

 Oh fun baby!! Danaroo had about 2 weeks off while I was at the beach. I had planned to do some lunging and didn't even have breeches on (I had ridden Fleck to the lake and just bareback so I didn't have breeches for him either). But it was just so hot... so I decided to hop on Dan bareback and let him play in the lake too. Maybe not the smartest decision, but... he was SUPER!!! He danced the tiniest of steps when we first hit the open field but that was it.  
 I did find out that he likes to pick things up. He grabbed my boot after I pulled them off and was flinging it. He even went up to Zhar and smacked him in the head with it. Doh! Bad baby horse. I laughed and said that I should put his antics to good work and teach him to pick my boots up off the mounting block so I don't have to get on and off. I bet I could!!!

 We had a grand old time splashing and playing in the lake. He seemed very happy to be splashing rather than sweating int he ring. ;)

 We even went out for a little bit of a swim!!

(And yes... my helmet was on the entire time except when we were in the lake!... but I promise to wear it in the lake in the future too).

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