Tuesday, July 15, 2014

He's soooo easy!

Oh Danny... you are awesome!

I love the fact that at 3 years old... you are LOVING work and anxious to get out and go do things. :)

Dan's had 5 days off. I know he was bored because he pulled everything out of my truck and was chewing on my antennae. ;) And when I got him in his halter, he very happily led the way to the trailer and hopped right on. He waited patiently eating his alfalfa until it was his turn. 

I did a quick "Crouching tiger" each way (yielding the hindquarters... my name is more fun) and then made him back up. Then I just hopped on and off we went. We worked in the big arena and did some leg yields, some starting and stopping, and some changing from big trot to little trot and back again. We also worked on square halts (even from the trot, ooops!! I keep forgetting he's a baby). And... now that he's figured out how to canter with me, he keeps wanting to. So... okay! We canter. I actually got some really really nice upward canter departs in the ring. Turning is still tough and we usually break to the trot on the short side, but still. It was a lovely canter. And I got both leads, though I did get the left lead while tracking right once too. But man, that canter... Oh it's lovely!
So then we celebrated with a short hack. On our way to the lake, we stopped in the XC field. He was polite enough to trot some even. Then we went into the water and up out of the bank. We tried to come down and he squirted to the left, but then he came down it twice with only a little hesitation. Then we did up and down the big side and he didn't have to even think about it the second time down. Yay!! Nothing exciting either. He just dropped easily down - not a leaping buck or anything. Yay! Then we walked over the fake ditch twice and then the big (beginner novice) ditch twice. Well, I take that back. Four times because the second time involved some bucking after. ;) Then we walked up the up bank and over a log (again, just a walk, not leaping!) and then we trotted to the water. 

He's funny. Without company, he doesn't seem to want to play in the lake too long. But with company, he does. Goofy boy. So we headed back and did a teeny bit more of cantering and some more trotting. Then we even took the scary way home. He was SUPER BRAVE and went right through the dam without hesitating. He was a little looky, but much braver than before. Yay!

Man... he's going to be SOOOO much fun. :) I'm so lucky to have such awesome horses!

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