Monday, July 7, 2014

Lesson #2: Baby leg yields

Dan and I had our second under saddle lesson of the year. He was a good boy and we started to work on leg yields. Baby leg yields... nothing major. He was listening to my seat and aids for the gait changes and then changes within the gait, so we opted to try baby leg yields. Plus, he was leaning in a LOT going to the right. So... we worked on the leg yields. He was sort of getting the hang of it. When it was convenient for him. ;) Ha! Going away from the trailer was MUCH tougher. Goofy! But we managed to do some. So we'll keep working on it. 

I may need to actually get a little spur with him so I don't have to be so obvious with my leg and whip. I was applying gentle pressure and if he didn't move slightly away from my leg (or even think about shifting his rib cage away), then I was to close my leg more and even bang him a little bit. I could also use my whip on his shoulder, gently pushing him over, to help him understand what I was asking. As soon as I got any sort of response, take the leg aid off and praise!

So yep.. another fun ride on him. We'll keep working on it but I think he's getting the hang of it. 

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