Monday, July 7, 2014

Big Boy Canter

 I took Dan for another hack today, planning on working on some cantering. We had a great ride. He was a good boy and behaved himself quite well, even in the open. We did some walking and trotting and worked on gait changes. Then we even did some work on the leg yields. I really think he gets it! It was much easier in the woods to tell if he was moving over because we'd go from the right side of the path to the left and then back to the right. He really is getting it!!! I didn't even have to do much more than squeeze my leg after a few times. Whoo hooo!
So then we did some cantering. He's getting better about responding to my seat and core and collecting himself, but man... he really likes to go big!! And then because I was trying to figure out how to get him to pick up the right lead (as he much prefers the left apparently), he got even bigger as I was doing more than just clucking him on by squeezing. Doh! It was FUN!!! Man, is he going to have an awesome XC gallop! However... hee..... we're not doing that yet Dan!! So, we managed to collect him mostly. And I did manage to get the right lead canter a couple of times. Purely coincidental I'm sure. We even did a bit of cantering out in the open field. Granted, circling was tough. And twice he flung his shoulder out and went the other way. Doh! Bad baby. But... he did give me two beautiful flying changes. Still... not what I asked for goof!

I let him cool off in the lake and then on our way back, I walked him down the bank. And thus began the antics! ;) He trotted off but then bucked and spun on landing. I managed to get him back and put him back to work. So then we trotted a little log. I was hoping he would just trot over it. And he kind of did. His front end trotted I think, but his back end went WAY high up in the air and of course he landed cantering and then threw in a buck or two. Dufus. So I managed to get him back again and then he was just having fun. He was cavorting and heading back to Fleck. So I made him focus and circle AWAY from the barn at the trot. He was mad but settled down after a tiny bit, so we were able to do some respectable circles and then head back to the barn.

Such a goof....

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