Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Field Trip with Fleck

So Mr. Dan and I went to Wishing Tree Farm today with Flecky. They both loaded fine and hauled great. Although someone tore apart the hay string holding up the hay bales and Dans ended up under his feet. Oh well. Easy fix. But anyways,  Fleck and I had a jump lesson so Dan hung out in the round pen while we jumped. He did fine. A little bit of dancing and running, but he stayed in the round pen. So then it was Dan's turn. He was groomed and bridled. That is getting tough now. He's so tall! But then we did a teensy bit of lunging just to make sure that he was "in the right place" brain wise! He was good and nailed his transitions, so then we went on to long lining. He wasn't contained in a fence but the farm is far enough off the road that I felt pretty comfortable trying it out. And he was great. He steered fairly well, halted, and even backed up. He did have one little baby meltdown when I tried to turn him away from Kathy's new filly baby and Momma, but got over it quick. But he went around the farm and even passed the long row of horses hanging their heads out of their stall windows. We even did a teeny bit of trotting too. 

Such a good baby!

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