Thursday, May 2, 2013


I think we all know already.... but darn this kid is TROUBLE!!! :) 

Kip came over the other day to do shoes and we did Fleck first. Then when we finished I put Fleck in the dog pen so he could eat grass. Then we did Dan. He was good but kept flinging his head around playing. I was able to distract him by rubbing the insides of his ear. :) So then I thought... he probably wants some grass... and then thought.. but he's going to end up on the porch. 

But then I thought... well maybe he will eat the grass, so I put him out there. Yep... 10 seconds later... clomp, clomp, clomp... hooves on the wood. hee hee. He was up on the porch exploring! Good thing the door was closed ;)

And then yesterday I got home with Fleck and pulled the horse trailer into the pasture and unloaded Fleck. Within 10 seconds... Danny had pulled the soft cooler from the back of the truck. Unfortunately it was half unzipped, so he flung it and all of Fleck's ice packs flung out. Then within 3 minutes, Danny had torn the top off, then flung the plastic part out of the cloth part. Good grief!!!

I'm renaming him Destructo Dan! ;)

Love him though... he's never malicious.. just trouble!

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