Monday, April 22, 2013

Too much fun!!!!!

Oh... he's going to be sooooo hard!!! Soooo hard to move slow with! Cause he's just so darn easy!!
Today we added more new stuff. We started with lunging with the micklem and he was "ho hum, this is boring". hee hee.. Then we went to the trailer and put the saddle on him. I wasn't sure which one to use as I only have the 52" girth for the jump saddle. But holy crud it fit!!! Granted, it's on the top holes and it's not super tight, but... tight enough to not slide! Egads! He looks so pretty in it too. 

So then we went and lunged with the saddle down with the stirrups flapping. Another "ho hum, this is boring" session for Dan. So then we went for a trip around the pasture doing some long lining. Again, still boring. He's getting the hang of it and I'm getting the hang of steering but we still have some moments of miscommunication.  But we trotted, walked, turned, halted and even backed. Whoo hoo.

So then I undid the long lines and decided... well.. why not? I walked him down to the round pen and was going to lean over him. But darn it!! That baby is tall, so even with the tall round pen, I wasn't able to get high enough to really lean over him. I sort of leaned on him... then figured, what the heck. So I swung a leg over and sat down. He just stood there. I sat on him for about 45 seconds. Then slid down to the ground. No reaction. :) Then I got back on again!! Sat on him for about a minute. No reaction other than him trying to eat my boot. Hee hee... Then I slid down again and gave him lots of cookies. 

I LOVE this kid!!!! But yep.. it's going to be so hard not to be on and riding him soon. He's just so easy. And so fun!!! It was a blast sitting up on him. :)     

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