Thursday, April 18, 2013


So... Danny is a superstar! I was smart today and it made a big difference. I tied him up and groomed him and then started off in the round pen lunging. He was good and I introduced the canter. He doesn't quite get it yet and has a hard time holding it while turning, but we got a few strides. That's all I want to do anyways since he's still a baby. So then we attached the long lines and away we went. Fleck was in his stall with Roany because he was fasting for his ulcer scoping. So I made Dan go down behind the barn to the old arena. Where the deer were yesterday. Luckily they weren't there today, so we managed to slowly make our way down to the creek. He wouldn't go over it, so I eventually walked up by his head and led him over. Then we went to the front field and did a little bit and then turned around and came back. On the way back, he jumped the creek on his own and cantered off. I was able to bring him back down quickly and then went back up to the barn. Then I made him go past the barn and we even trotted! Turning while trotting is hard, but.. we managed a little bit. Then we halted and were done. 

Such a good baby. :) 

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