Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Steps

This horse is phenomenal!!! I am so in love with him!

Today I let them all in the front field to graze and after a few hours I went out there with my gear. Danny came trotting up (swoons!!!!) and of course, then proceeded to chomp and fling everything. Goober. I got his bridle on and the lunge line and we went to work. I went ahead and put the bit in his mouth but didn't attach anything to it. Just let him have something to chew. So we started to lunge. He was naughty! hee hee.. He walked and trotted when I asked, but was playing. But you know... fine, go ahead and play! He was still doing what I asked, so I was fine with it. Once he quit playing and was behaving himself much better, we moved onto long lining. 

I set up an obstacle course... small little verticals, a small cross rail, two poles on the ground to form a lane, and a few poles to walk over. He did very good and was much more forward this time. We went over the little jumps (more like cavalettis'), through the lane, over the lane, over the three poles in a row, etc. He was great. So then we walked over the vertical and I think he started trotting on landing. I went with it and we trotted around some. He was great!!! He walked when I said to and so then we did a bit more trotting. We even turned! And then I asked him to trot over the little vertical another time or two and he did it. Then we walked... then we halted. And we were done. I told him that he was such a smart cookie and gave him lots of praise!


He had worked up a little sweat so I took him over to the hose and figured I'd try a little spritz. He hasn't been sprayed with water or even fly spray since last year, so... I expected a little bit of antics. He was actually pretty darn good. He backed up a bit but didn't freak and let me spray him. I even got to spray his chin. 

I think he had fun too!!!

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