Saturday, March 30, 2013

But back to super star!

So... Danny was good today again! I put a D ring in his mouth with his new Micklem bridle and he mouthed it a bit but then pretty much ignored it afterwards. We went long linging again but I attached the lines to the bridle's side rings, not the bit. That way I was still pulling on his halter, not on the bit. He did well today!!! Not really wanting to go forward or quickly but he was much less reluctant and took much less convincing. And he's really getting the hang of turning. We went back and forth and over the freshly redug draining ditch. He was great. 

So then I took the lunge stuff off and just had the micklem bridle and bit.. with the lead attached to the noseband, not the bit. We did some trotting in hand. Danny's goofy... He was really good although he spent the first few strides trying to grab the lead in his mouth. Once he got it in, he was content to trot along side quite politely. Turning is still a work in progress, but he's soooooo much better than he was last year. Yay!!! I really am digging the micklem for him. At least for now anyways. I'm hoping I can use it at the FEH shows. Or at least a bit. It's funny though how he doesn't chew on the bit... although I only have a metal one. I need to buy him a rubber chewy one. Or maybe I don't???? 

Anyways... he was a good kid today. Poor Fleck felt left out though and was following us around. 

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