Sunday, March 11, 2012

Uncle Fleck to the Rescue

So.... Poor Dan has been neglected lately. I've gotten back into my slacker mode with the ponies, which means that after feeding, the doors get open and they go free or they get lead ropes looped around their necks to be moved to the other pasture. Which is great.. because Dan now leads via rope looped over his neck. But... it also means that suddenly he's ear shy again. Sigh.... So we're going back to real haltering and lots of ear scratches. ut
But anyways... he's had a few days off because I've been so busy, so... we got back to work today. Tonight he was tied, groomed, and then had to wear the surcingle loose and a splint boot on both front and back feet. Then we worked with the clippers again. I'm not sure why they are sooooo scary but they are. Even off... he just gets all nervous. So.... I waved them around and touched him, made him touch them with his nose, and fed him lots of treats when he wasn't upset about them. On and off.... But still no actual clipping yet. Baby steps I guess....
Then we walked off to do some in hand work. It was getting dark, so I didn't want to do too much. We started off and worked on whoa and go. Those buttons still work. Then just as I went to ask for the trot... he saw the pallet! Doh! I have had them in the other pasture and the other day I unloaded a pallet. It was too wet to drive it down to the barn so I left it leaning up against a tree. Well... Danny saw it and thought "MONSTER"! He started dancing backwards and sideways and... well, pulled me with him. So.. I had to let go. He ran back to the roundpen. So I gathered him back up and we started back up towards it. Fleck was hanging out so I asked him if he wanted to come and help Danny be brave. And lo and behold... he came along! Danny was much braver this time, so he walked up and sniffed it finally. Then we had to look at it from the other eye. ;) So then Fleck moseyed off and we did some more in hand work.
Then back to the barn and we worked on his ears again. Yipes... he fought pretty hard, but we eventually got him calmed down. I told him I was doing this while I was still big enough to win... cause soon enough I wouldn't be! So... that's on the agenda for daily work! Bad Mommy! Then some cookies and another walk and halt. Then when I went to take the halter off he got all ear shy again, so... halter came off, went back on, came off, went back on, came off, went back on... and came off. And we will continue that for a while until ears are no longer a big deal. It's funny cause he lets me stick my fingers in them completely and scratch them.... not sure why suddenly he's ear shy. Maybe it's a phase... or because he got sensitized from the clippers?! Who knows!? We'll fix it.

Other than that.. he's still being a wonderful wonderful baby!! I love that little kid :)

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