Monday, February 27, 2012

unicycles and sunken roads

Wheeee!!! Fun day today :)

Fleck Danny and I met up with Peri and George and their ponies for an evening trail ride. I got there early, so Fleck and Dan and I warmed up. We did some trotting, which went well, and attempted to get Dan into a puddle. He did the first time... then skirted around it each subsequent time. Oh well. We'll try again later in hand.. It's too hard to coordinate Fleck and Danny and the puddle. So then we did some hills up and down and worked on turning. And... because it was such a pretty day, there was a ton of traffic. Dan was introduced to bikes, runners, dog walkers, AND a guy on a unicycle!!! I think he's going to be pretty darn bomb proof by the time he's backed! Then Peri and George were ready so we headed back that way. AND.... we saw the ditch! They had put in a new drainage pipe, and the mud looked a little too fresh to risk walking over the pipe. But... next to the pipe was a mini sunken road. It was a down bank with a stride or two, then an up bank. Not riveted or anything, but it wasn't just like a small ditch or just a hill.. it was an actual bank. So... all three of us trotted down and up and it went well. Well then.... I tried it the other way... downhill. That didn't go so well. I think they were distracted by the other horses, but... Fleck balked and then finally did it. Meanwhile Danny stood rooted to the spot. So.... I tried to salvage it.... but it was like the olden days and being stretched between horses. I was half hanging off Flecks side... still had Danny's lead... and finally just had to give up. I fell off. Dropped Danny.... crud! Luckily this time he only trotted a few steps to George's mare. So... I got back on... and we continued on. We saved the sunken road til later.
So... we had a good ride. Danny wasn't as naughty as last time and kept up for the most part. He was a little awed by LE and Sunny... they're pretty big! We did see a bunny, but no deer. Guess it was too busy for the deer. So we had fun!
Then on the way back I decided to attempt the sunken road again! This time... success!!! Both directions :) Yay....

I love that little squirt!! And I love the big ol' goober that puts up with the little squirt.. he's such a good bumper pony!


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