Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good News

Yay! Danny seemed much better this morning. He's still swollen but seemed sound as he trotted by, even with his leg wrap on. Then... after Fleck and I pulled out of the driveway, he proceeded to run laps.... like 15 laps at a gallop! Sigh.... Guess he feels okay :) I'm still going to x-ray it Tuesday and make sure it's not broken.

But today we did some work finally! I didn't do too much as I didn't want to stress his leg before I knew for sure what I was dealing with. But we groomed, touched ears, and did some in hand walking and trotting. Then we filled the fly spray bottle with water and got him used to the sound and even got a few spritzes in the air that misted onto him done. Also measured him again... at exactly 10 months old today.. he was 14.2 at the wither still but 14.3 at the butt. Oh, and I was able to sponge off his leg too.

So whoo hooo. I'm glad I was able to do even a little bit with him. He's a quick learner and I know he won't be too hard if I can stay consistent. :)

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