Thursday, November 14, 2019

Surprisingly NOT feral!

So... after our XC school on Sunday..... Dan got Monday off.. then Tuesday morning it was cold and raining and I had a migraine the night before so I felt wrecked that morning.... so I decided not to ride. Which sucks, as I actually had most of the morning free. I did catch up on paperwork (not entirely) but more so! But I didn't ride. Then I worked all day Wed and all day today.... I did manage to get home at 5:18 pm... and when I checked my phone it said the sun was setting at 5:32 pm. Sigh... Plus it was cold... super cold. And I've been cold all day. So I debated... but by the time I got to Ashland and tacked up it would be dark... and he's been off since Sunday.... and it was a full moon last night.. or two nights ago. So I decided that perhaps it would just be better to wait til tomorrow. 

But then.... I couldn't help myself. So.. I threw on his bridle and my helmet and off we went. I mean... what could go wrong? Bareback over blankets in 38 degree weather on a young fit horse who has been sitting in the pasture since Sunday on a near full moon... oh, and instead of the jump bridle I threw on the nathe dressage bridle because the rubber was less cold than the metal. But you know what?! He was so good!!! There was no antics.. no bucking..... He was great! We rode around in the round pen for a bit and did some leg yielding and some half passing at the walk. Then we went into the front field and did a tiny bit of trotting and two canters. Then we rode back up to the barn. 

But... AHHHHHHHHHH.... I feel so much better :) 

We've got a fun weekend planned hopefully. Tomorrow is supposed to be raining (starts tonight) but I've got a lesson with Ann Margaret and she has an indoor. Then Saturday I'll either hack and/or do a grid lesson with Beth. Then Sunday I should have a dressage lesson with Kelly and then I'll haul back to Ashland for a hack and stadium work with Liz. :) Then he'll get Monday off, hopefully a dressage ride (either a lesson with Beanie or just a ride) Tuesday am, then... on Friday we'll head to Aiken for Jumping Branchs' final schooling horse trial. And Dan's traning debut at all three phases! EEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! I hope I won't overface him. I have a feeling it won't go perfectly, but I think we'll finish. I just hope I don't screw up his confidence now that we're finally getting our groove back. So... fingers crossed!

PS... aren't his chicken jammies THE BEST!!!!

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